I have applied for membership with PovNet’s confidential Online Community. As a condition of my membership and participation, I agree as follows:

  1. To the best of my ability, I will try to ensure that anything I post to the PovNet Online Community is legally accurate and provide links to legal references where possible.

  2. However, I understand that any legal information or advice which I receive via the Online Community is merely the efforts of the members seeking to help each other work effectively, and that I am solely responsible for any use I may make of this information or advice in my work including verifying its accuracy.

  3. To protect the confidentiality of my own and other members’ clients, I will not post the name of a client or any information that might identify the client when discussing a case.

  4. I will not forward emails or share posts, information or resources with anyone who is not a member, without the express consent of anyone involved in the post or creation of the material.

  5. I understand that my membership is not transferable nor shareable and that it is my responsibility to ensure that if my email address is associated with my position I must notify PovNet immediately if I leave my position or my email address is transferred to someone else. ​

  6. I will take all possible steps to preserve the confidentiality of my login credentials:

    a) I will not give my password to non-members, or leave it in a place where non members may see it.

    b) If I become aware that my password may have been given to a non-member, I will change it immediately and notify PovNet Administration of the breach.

  7. I will not post any statements which I know to be defamatory.

  8. I understand that I am solely responsible for any statements which I post to the Online Community, and I agree to hold PovNet and the other members of the Online Community harmless from any legal consequences resulting from my statements.

  9. I agree that I will not sue the Board of Directors of PovNet, its staff, or members of PovNet’s Online Community (other than the author) if anyone else’s message to the list defames me.

  10. I understand that PovNet cannot guarantee that PovNet’s Online Community will be error free or uninterrupted, or that it will meet any specific requirements that I may have.

  11. I agree that the Board of Directors shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages caused by the use or operation of PovNet’s Online Community, and other services provided by PovNet and I hereby release the Board of Directors, staff and any institutions with which they are affiliated from any and all claims of any nature arising from such use.

  12. I understand that if I do not adhere to the terms in this Agreement, my membership in the PovNet Online Community to which I belong may be revoked.

  13. PovNet’s general privacy policy is posted at: http://www.povnet.org.

  14. By applying to join PovNet’s Online Community, I understand that I am consenting to the collection of the personal information which I provide to PovNet, as well as other information about me which PovNet may receive in the course of dealing with my request or providing services to me. I also consent to such disclosure of my personal information as may be reasonably necessary in order to provide these services to me.

  15. I understand that the terms of this agreement may change from time to time, and that the current version will always be posted at community.povnet.org. By continuing my membership in the Online Community, I agree to comply with the terms of the most recent agreement as posted on this site.

  16. I understand that I may withdraw my consent to the collection, use or retention of my personal information at any time by advising PovNet in writing that I wish to do so. This will require PovNet to collect that information from you.

Updated February 12, 2020.